The game is an endless runner, or rather rider on a scooter. The main character, the color palette, the enemies, and the music are inspired by FLCL. The main character on the scooter and the robot enemy are my best effort of drawing characters resembling something from the show.

If you want to know what the name of the game means, listen to the album mentioned at the bottom of this description.

Game jam stuff

The game is an entry for Autumn Lisp Game Jam 2021, written in Fennel, which is a kind of lisp that compiles to lua. And using that, it runs as a mod for another game of mine, Someone. The engine itself has been made a while ago using C++ and Lua, with some modifications specifically for the jam done in the jam time. The game that is the entry for the jam is written exclusively in Fennel.


Z to jump.
X to hit enemies with your guitar.
M to mute the music.
Q/E to reduce/increase volume, hold Shift to change SFX volume.
F1 to make the window smaller/bigger.
When prompted, R to restart.


Programming by me, most of the art by me.
Bullet enemy design by Moonburnt with minor edits by me.
Font is "Abaddon" by Caffinate.
Sound effects generated with
Music by Nommy.
Additionally, you can also listen to "Little Busters" by "the pillows", which is the band that did soundtrack for FLCL, in background. When there was no music in the game, that's what I did.


If the game doesn't start, make sure there are no non-ascii character in the path. Also, the MacOS build works, both on x86 and arm macs, if you allow the gatekeeper to run it. If you get "permission denied" when trying to run the .app, you should open your terminal and cd inside the .app to "Contents/MacOS" and run "chmod +x wtktotf", then it should run fine.


Download 7 MB
Version 8 Jun 12, 2022
Download 10 MB
Version 7 Jun 12, 2022
Download 10 MB
Version 6 Jun 12, 2022
Download 6 MB
Version 9 Jun 12, 2022
Download 28 MB

Development log


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There is a github link to the source code, which has the license in the repository root, and in the “more information” list here on both the code and the asset licenses are visible. The source code of the game is available in the release version on itch at the same path it is in the repository.

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Alright.. added a source code zip. Even though it’s sort of useless because it’s the un-built C++ engine code mostly, and the lisp source code is already included in the builds and editable. So it makes more sense to just download the release and edit the lisp code, instead of building the whole C++ engine with all the dependencies.

Also, come on, straight up removing the submission that has the lisp source code, but not the C++ code, when there’s less than a day before the end of the jam? Quite honestly this is a bit ridiculous, I’d probably have just gone to sleep now if a friend didn’t tell me this happened.

I think the main problem is it’s really difficult to actually find the source for what you did for the jam since there is so much code in the tarball and most of it was pre-existing. The jam page mentions you should make an effort to show what you worked on for the jam; maybe in the readme you could point to the main.fnl file and explain where the rest of the code came from?

Yes, what technomancy mentions. I didn't see the Fennel code until you mentioned it and technomancy found it buried in the directory structure.

This game meets or exceeds the rules for Autumn Lisp Game Jam 2021. Congrats, and good luck on the voting process and feedback received to better your framework/future games!

Also sorry for the removal. We get _A LOT_ of non-Lisp games published.