You are someone, in a dark room with a computer and the world inside, exposed to you through text descriptions.  You don't remember who you are or how you got here.

This is more of a story, than a game,  though with light puzzle elements in the walking section. Currently, there are 4 days in the game, on the evening of the last day, the text output will stop and not continue, this means that this is the end of current content.

The engine is quite flexible and can be extended for easy modding, in fact I've already made another game as a mod for it, so it's certainly possible. Contact me if you want to make a game using the engine, and we'll figure something out.

Please share what you think about it, this is my first serious attempt at writing :) This is also my first attempt at pixel art, if you're an artist or a writer and you'd like to contribute, please do say. I want to have small environment images to describe the environment in the terminal mode, but it would take me a very long time to make them all myself.

MacOS note: due to peculiarities of OpenGL on Mac OS, the shaders will probably not work and the walking part will look too bright, this is a known problem. The MacOS version is untested and might not work at all.


By default, the game runs at a 1280x1024 resolution. You can press F1 in the downloadable version of the game to make the window half of the size, pressing it again will make the window double the size, and pressing it the third time will make the window normal size again, you can't change the resolution in the browser version.

In text mode, use number keys to select answers. Press 1 while the text is printing to show the whole thing at once. When asked to input text, input it with the keyboard. Press Ctrl+S to save the game and Ctrl+L to load the game. The game is saved to a directory called "saves", if you have a "save.toml" from an older release please tell me and I'll migrate it for you. In the browser, the game saves to IndexedDB, this does not work in private browsing mode.

In walking mode, use A and D to go left and right, and E to interact. When prompted with numbered selection, press the number keys to select.


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Cool idea! The plot is definitely interesting and I look forward to more being added

Thank you!